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These sessions are a great opportunity to connect with trainees and educators from across Australia and New Zealand and benefit from specialist teaching, in an interactive and often novel format. 

Paediatric session information please contact Bruce Lister
Adult session information please fill out this online form (SOTs are welcome to forward this sign-up form to non-CICM trainees working in their unit).

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Examiners Hub

All College examinations are an integral part of the training program. Members of the Panel of Examiners volunteer their time to ensure the examinations are of the highest standard. It is expected that members will make a significant ongoing contribution to the examination process and this includes:

Attending a number of workshops each year
Preparing questions and answer templates for both the written and oral sections
Marking written papers
Attending and marking the oral section

Within this page, documents and information have been developed to assist you throughout the examination process.

Guide to Training and Assessment (WBA's)

Content within this online course explains how WBA’s form an essential component of the assessment system to complement the formal written and oral examinations. This combination of assessment approaches will enable a more comprehensive assessment of skills, knowledge and behaviours. The assessment process follows current assessment theory and is blueprinted to the curriculum.

The objectives of the WBA process are to: 

  • provide a basis for feedback of strengths and areas of clinical practice requiring improvement 
  • develop skills of self-evaluation and reflective practice 
  • facilitate the development of strategies to improve performance 
  • monitor and record progress within and across clinical terms 
  • provide ongoing formative feedback to inform subsequent learning activities Overall the assessment process aims to encourage reflection and the development of selfdirected and self-managed lifelong learning.

Trainee Induction

This guide has been developed for registered trainees of the College of Intensive Care Medicine of Australia and New Zealand.

As a trainee of the College you have elected to participate in a demanding and rigorous training program. Success in your training and assessment requirements will allow you to graduate as a Fellow of the College of Intensive Care Medicine (FCICM).

This guide will explore a range of essential details about the college, the policies and regulations that are essential to your training and information packs that will help you get started.

Workplace Competency Assessments Guide

Brief guide on how to complete Workplace Competency Assessments.

Content within this online course includes:

  • Background to Workplace Competency Assessments
  • The College of Intensive Care Medicine Workplace Competency Assessments
  • Principles and Standards
  • Assessment Process
  • Principles of Feedback